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Pinterest is growing like anything! It seems like the network was launched a day before yesterday but has 11 million users. So, what is that so unique about this magical network to cover up millions of souls? I’ll tell you what. Pinterest is nothing but photos. Anyone who is mad about photos will certainly get mad on Pinterest and those who leastly interested on photos will obviously change their minds with Pinterest.

While it is Pinterest taking off many interests, WordPress on the other hand is taking bloggers and e Commerce-ers to shine up with its extraordinary features. If it is all that is open source blogging, WordPress is what you got to rely on. Any WordPress site owner would wish to have a site that is extremely appealing and impressive. For this, they make use of the different wordpress themes, which comes for various purposes. Among them the Pinterest – like themes are mostly preferred since these themes come with an exact layout and design as that of Pinterest. There are a plenty of WordPress Pinterest themes, among which I’ve picked you the awesome ones which are displayed below:


This WP Pinterest theme features versatile design and flexible home page layout. The apptha theme allows you to upload logo and images in a much easy way. Table less design and multi column layout are some exclusive features with this theme. You can add any number of images to your pinboard with a fast loading feature. The theme is compatible with IE7+, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.


EcoStrips is a WordPress Pinterest theme that comes with a dynamic wall to arrange your posts in a dynamic way on respect to the various screen sizes. The dynamic filter plugin that comes along with this plugin lets you to filter your posts with a dynamic single click. EcoStrips uses the latest technologies of HTML5 and CSS3.


This WordPress theme developed by Dessign team, comes with a stunning style. Photographers, illustrators and designers will fall for Graphic, since it comes with an excellent design pinterest like layout. The theme is designed with a valid XHTML and CSS template. It is compatible with WordPress 3.1 and browsers like IE7, IE8, Safari and Firefox. It is also search engine optimized.


Shaken and Stirred is a WordPress theme that comes with a built in theme options panel, which lets you to upload logos in an impressive look. The theme is compatible with SmartPhones and iPads. Shaken and Stirred theme comes in 8 custom widgets, 4 unique page templates, and 8 color schemes. There are also options for video support and social networking shares.


This theme features a mighty theme management tool and filterable dynamic grid layout. It has options like fontsquirrel, Google fonts support, typekit, lightboxes, slideshows, galleries, shortcodes and blog templates. Reflex comes in 9 unique page templates and 9 relevant color schemes. More than 40 font replacement options are available with this theme.

Hope you had found this post useful! So, these are few to-be best WordPress Pinterest themes which will certainly convince you.

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