June 2012

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30 Hand-Picked Photoshop Typography Tutorials

In this post I’ve rounded only latest techniques so, even if you’re habitual of making high-end typography stuff, these Photoshop text effect tutorials will help you out – mainly I’ve selected only the best ones.


Useful Resource to develop iPad and iPhone Apps in Windows

Developers should adapt to implement various apps to develop iOS, Android and Windows as these are grows rapidly. In this article developers can learn how to develop iPad and iPhone Apps in Windows with HTML5, Javascript and CSS.


Exceptional Collection of Autodesk 3DS Max Tutorials

In this post, you will find 10 amazing and exceptionally helpful 3DS Max tutorials that featured all aspects of 3D modeling, from materials to lighting as well as animation. Hope that you will find this collection helpful to sharpen your 3DS Max experience Enjoy!


15 Photoshop Tutorials For Creating Buttons

Here are the 15 Best Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Buttons and Badges. Most of these tutorials are for beginners so expect easy tutorials on the below.


Excellent Free Tattoo Design Photoshop Brushes


When a designer wants to create some variety design in Photoshop, he needs some effective resources. Photoshop Brushes are most popular element to design an extraordinary looked appearance in design. Here we present some Excellent Free Tattoo Design Photoshop Brushes to apply in your next design.


20 Amazing Book Cover Designs


A Book cover is one aspect that usually caught the most attention of the readers and visual memorization is the strongest one. Book covers are hard to design and nice to look at. People often get the idea behind the book just by looking at the cover. It is probably the hardest thing for designers … Continue Reading


15 Important Tutorials for Web Designers and Developers


So many design styles, coding tricks and sense of variations needed to create a well decorated website. Some time you have to take few tips and tricks to create and run an awesome website. This article is a beautiful and important collection of 15 Important Tutorials for Web Designers and Developers.


15 Amazing Tutorials for Digital Painting Techniques


Digital painting is one of the wonderful creative fields who love to show creativity. One has to learn this technique to create some amazing painting. We have some great opportunity to take help from some great tutorials for these techniques. This article contains some Amazing Tutorials for Digital Painting Techniques.


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