10 of the Best Tools for Online Payment Systems


I don’t know how many of you are still roaming over to markets and shops to purchase things that could easily reach your hands with a single click. And there is yet more thing to be noted, the cash you count and give to a shop owner might even cheat you, but an efficient online payment tool would never go wrong. With these systems, your eyes and hands are never going to be wrong and the cash that is transferred is not going to show off its face. But, the payment is made pukka. Online Payment Systems are all that rule eCommerce these days. If there must be anything that matters with these systems, it is the trust and security they offer with. In this post, I’ve brought in few of the best tools for online payment systems that offer brilliant solutions for online payments.


Almost every e-shopper would have gone a payment via PayPal, since it happens to be a greatly implemented payment system. It has been reported that PayPal’s previous year’s transactions alone is $4 billion. People with Paypal accounts and credit cards can make a transaction using this. Paypal charges 3% of your transaction as tax.


Stripe is an online payment tool that integrates the payment system into its Robust API. Stripe neglects the traditional way of signing up an account and it acts as a merchant account for its providers itself. It charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for their service.


This Payment processor combines merchant account and payment gateway into one. It also lets merchants to receive credit card payments and paypal payments. If it is for bulk sales, this system is greatly considered. 2Checkout takes 3.99% per unique transaction.


MemberClicks is an online payment tool helps organizations to create and update their payment forms. It allows organizations to set up their own merchant accounts. The system features integrated database, payments, membership and e-mail solutions to organizations. It charges 1% of the total payment you offer along with the 40 cents taken per transaction. It also charges $25 as a monthly minimum fee.

Amazon Payments

This is a flexible payment service that supports payments via bank accounts, credit cards and amazon payments. It offers the option to make and receive payments via mobile phones. The feature is also added with Web Pay.

Click & Pledge

Click and Pledge is a unique payment system that is budget friendly for organizations. It integrates the payment forms into organization’s website. This system is good to make single payments and not with multiple payments. It charges 4.75 percent for each payment.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a Google product and hence it is great when it comes to trust and security. It allows you to make payments for resources that are connected to Google. It takes 2.9% per transaction as a service charge.


Auctionpay is the best for organizations. It takes $30 per month with a 3.5 % per payment made. It also allows you to integrate donation forms into the look of the site.


This tool is perfect for making international transactions and can be referred by the term Skrill. It comes with service rates that are cheaper than that of Paypal.


This tool offers options for shopping cart, event registration, donation forms and so many. It charges $1.23 per transaction as a service tax.

These are some tools to look on to, if you are looking for an online payment system that is perfect.

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    Thanks for the information and the post. However, Paypal is always leading………

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